NUTRALFA encapsulates the rich tapestry of our heritage, unwavering dependability, and unwavering pursuit of perfection, all nurtured through generations of ancestral wisdom and expertise.

With official incorporations in three dynamic global hubs—England, United Kingdom; Sydney, Australia; and Karachi, Pakistan—NUTRALFA proudly stands as a testament to our international presence and commitment to serving diverse markets.

Our diverse portfolio caters to an array of industries. Our spectrum of exceptional products includes offerings for specialty foods, herbal raw material, perfume ingredients, tea flowers, medicinal plant herbs, chinese traditional medicine, dry ayurveda aromatic herbs, incense, pet food, distillery botanical ingredients, cosmetic raw ingredients, confectionary ingredients, flavors and spices, condiments, extracts, and spices, plant extracts, herbal tea materials, conventional herbs, and active pharmaceutical and nutraceutical ingredients.

Elevate your procurement journey through our user-friendly online platform, designed to ensure effortless and streamlined ordering. At NUTRALFA, we've created an environment where convenience and quality converge, allowing you to explore, select, and purchase with the utmost ease and confidence.

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  • Bella, South Korea

    We received the Myrrh gum well. Thanks a lot for your prompt support again. I expect the new order would be placed in July.

    Bella, South Korea
  • Kira, Taiwan

    "We have picked up the cargo smoothly, thanks for your business."

    Kira, Taiwan
  • STA Food Solutions, Australia

    "I must commend you on the quality of your website + quick response. It is very good to know!"

    STA Food Solutions, Australia

    "I had visited 3 Mills in all and all of them were very nice to me. I am absolutely humbled. Of the 3 I visited I have recommended you guys for the business. You were just great."

  • Vasanti, Sri Lanka

    "Thanks mate. Guggulu is so fresh. My guru was so happy. After few years only he got such fresh product."

    Vasanti, Sri Lanka
  • Herr/Mr. I.V. Plate, Germany

    "The goods look better then the shipment sample on first review. Thx."

    Herr/Mr. I.V. Plate, Germany
  • JEFT, Turkey

    "Excellent presentation, all information for product clarification are inside, I wıll save in record and start informing several clients we are actually involved with"

    JEFT, Turkey
  • Manish, India

    "We have tested the Guggul gum consignment and the same is matching with the quality of SGS sample. Many thanks & regards"

    Manish, India
  • Savvas, Cyprus

    "Thank you for your professional and quick communication. In 24 Hours our companies closed the deal and arranged advance payment. This is only possible with professionals like you. I must say unique manufacturing companies. We believe and insist to have a long term business relation."

    Savvas, Cyprus
  • Sami ur Rehman, FL, USA

    "Your rice is receiving very good feedback. My direct marketing in the past 2/3 months alone has done more than the past one year's work. I'm still keeping prices low so more and more people buy and become familiar with this brand. Nonetheless, this rice will do very good and one day it will overtake the top brands."

    Sami ur Rehman, FL, USA
  • Gabriela Podnecka, Czech Republic

    "Thank you very much for your help and informations. I received my order very quickly and I am very content with your great products."

    Gabriela Podnecka, Czech Republic
  • Dr. Gerard, Germany

    "Congratulation for your ‘Company Profile’ that we have got this week.It gives a good impression of the product which you can offer. The pictures of the products are very professionell."

    Dr. Gerard, Germany
  • TGFP Ltd., India

    "It was a pleasure receiving your company brochure. Our compliments on a very well put together company profile."

    TGFP Ltd., India
  • Novák, Czech Republic

    "Thanks for your follow up - for the goods they arrived in perfect order. Quality of dragon's blood and other incenses are excellent. We look forward to placing the next order soon."

    Novák, Czech Republic
  • Philippe, France

    "We well received the red rose petals and they are as beautiful as the previous shipments. Thank you."

    Philippe, France
  • Cottage Hill Herbs, New Zealand

    "Thank you, awesome service, it has arrived"

    Cottage Hill Herbs, New Zealand
  • Bart, Sweden

    "I am glad to see you have a fast and timely production as well as execution."

    Bart, Sweden
  • Keith Neilson, USA

    "The Dragon Blood Quality is okay. the Roses are beautiful!!!! been giving them to people and they love would like to order again soon… thanks again"

    Keith Neilson, USA
  • Samira en Ben, Belgium

    "I received my consolidated shipment today ! Thanx so much !! Will be ordering from you again!"

    Samira en Ben, Belgium