Aromatic Botanicals and Tree Resins: World of Flavor and Fragrance

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Aromatic Botanicals

Aromatic Botanicals

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Welcome to the captivating realm of aromatic botanicals, where nature's most enchanting treasures, such as rose petals, frankincense, guggal, and myrrh, come together to offer a symphony of flavors and fragrances. There are wondrous possibilities of these botanicals and resins that can be crafted to delight the senses and cater to discerning clientele seeking excellence.

1. Rose Petals: A Blossoming Extravaganza

Rose petals, with their delicate aroma and delightful flavor, are a timeless favorite in the world of aromatic botanicals. From crafting luxurious rose-infused teas and flavored beverages to producing exquisite rosewater, rose hydrosol and floral extracts for the culinary and cosmetic industries, rose petals offer endless possibilities. Additionally, their essence can be harnessed to create natural perfumes, essential oils and scented candles.

2. Frankincense: The Sacred Resin of Tranquility

The allure of frankincense transcends time, enthralling civilizations for centuries with its mystical fragrance. Companies embrace the mystical power of this resin by offering a diverse array of products. From aromatic incense and essential oils, perfect for meditation and relaxation spaces, to incorporating frankincense extract (locally called olibanum) in skincare products, the versatility of this resin creates a spectrum of offerings to cater to wellness and spirituality markets. 

3. Guggul and Myrrh: The Earthy Embrace

Guggul and myrrh, renowned for their earthy and resinous fragrance, bring a sense of grounding and spirituality to aromatic botanicals. Companies harness their ancient charm by infusing their essence into natural herbal remedies and therapeutic formulations. Guggul and myrrh essential oils can be blended to create calming aromatherapy blends and massage oils. Moreover, they find applications in traditional and holistic medicine, enriching products like balms, salves, and ointments with their natural healing properties. Companies use gum guggul and gum myrrh in their product lines hence promote wellness and holistic health.


  • Rosa gallica
  • Rosa chinensis
  • Boswellia carterii
  • Boswellia serrata
  • Boswellia sacra
  • Commiphora myrrha
  • Commiphora mukul
  • Commiphora wightii